Cycle Tourism in Sicily, Mediterranean and Beyond...

with Coast2Coast Bike Tour!

It all began in 2004...

 Thanks to the initiative of a group of Sicilian biker friends who want to combine the south coast of Sicily with the north coast in an itinerary that is strictly off road. This marked the birth of Coast2Coast Extreme Sicily: Miles of climbing over rolling hills, and a wide range of adventurous trails, will make you discover an island outside the box, scoping out the most unknown spots to tourism, far from the most popular itineraries. ‘Real’ Sicily, the one that lets you breathe a true Mediterranean air.

Pioneers of Cycle tourism

Coast2Coast Bike Tour is a pioneer in cycle tourism, but not only on Sicilian territory:  Passion for riding has pushed the founding group to explore new land. The philosophy of Adventure has always inspired the cycling itineraries of the organization, because mountain biking was born not as a sport of effort but as a means of leisure and discovery.

So the jump from the Sicilian to the African coasts was short.

In a short time Coast2Coast has become an organization known throughout Italy, and also outside national borders. Its tours organized in Sicily and in the Mediterranean area where it guides enthusiasts or simple bicycle tourists from all over the world, to discover a still genuine heritage through paths unknown to mass tourism that allow bikers or cyclists to have fun on their bikes and in company on tours that are a mixture of sun, nature, art, culture, history and cuisine!

Unexplored trails

One of Coast2Coast’s winning cards is to create new and unpublished itineraries. All routes are studied in a particular way, inspections are carried out and then tested, trying to obtain the right mix of landscape, tourism and riding. The facilities where you will sleeping and having your daily meals, are also tested out prior to the trip. The food selection provided throughout the experience, is planned to provide suitable nutrition for the cyclist. But what makes C2C truly unique is the atmosphere that can always be created in the group of participants: enjoy and ride! is the motto with which the bike tours of this Sicilian organization stands out. Pedaling, even on those most extreme routes, are not a mere athletic gesture, but an excuse to make friends, to get to know the most of the country’s culture, to have fun.

Tours in all flavors

Coast2Coast Bike Tour has several mountain bike and road bike tours in Sicily and in the Mediterranean. The types of bicycle tours are divided into different levels of experience: 

Tour XC: With a wide range of gravel roads, and intermediate singletrack trails will be suitable to ride for bikers all levels.

 –Epic XC: this category will take our riders from the rugged singletrack and trails, to hilltop climbing reaching our highest spots on the island, down to to the beaches and coastal landmarks, such as “Scala dei Turchi in Realmonte.

-Enduro puro: If the singletrack trails and gravel roads are too smooth for you, there will be many trails with rocky sections and steep descents for the more advanced riders. More aggressive bikes with higher suspension will be available to rent.

-Road tour: not a fan of off-road riding? Not a problem, our knowledge of best itineraries in Sicily and the Mediterranean can be travelled on asphalted routes, a long with road bikes that we provide with our rental service

Coast2Coast’s most popular mountain bike tour is the Palermo / Etna tour , with an Epic XC itinerary, that in seven days will take you riding from the center of Palermo to the center of Catania, through the Conca d’Oro, the Palermitan mountains of the Madonie , the Nebrodi chain, also known as the southern Dolomites, and the great climb on the highest volcano in Europe up to the summit crater at over 3000 meters above sea level! 

The all time favorite road tour is the Mare & Colore del Vino tour , which takes its name from the homonymous story by Leonardo Sciascia, which narrates of a long journey by train in the 60s and from which a great love is born. So the bike tour, a journey that makes you fall in love with Sicily by “tasting” its best traditions: wine, food, sea and nature.

Guided o Self Guided

Coast2Coast bike tours are guided and with pre-set dates,but you can also opt for Self Guided solutions, in which the organization will provide GPS tracking for routes and itinerary. We will also arrange for overnight accommodation, and take care of baggage pick up and drop off at the end of trip (luggage transport to destination is included).

Create your ideal Tour

On request it is also possible to establish dates outside the  scheduled calendar, along with “tailored” and customized tours to the customers preference. Just fill out the form and indicate your preferences, or contact us by phone and we will provide all the information you’ll need to better organize the trip of your dreams, in Sicily and in other destinations of Coast2coast Bike Tour.